Find the Champion’s Coin and fulfill your wish

Pale Coins is an old-school fantasy action-RPG featuring open-world exploration, challenging combat, epic boss fights, expansive questlines, and plenty of weapons, items, and skills to discover.

explore a vast fantasy world

Explore a gorgeous handcrafted fantasy world, starting with nothing but an old weapon. Journey across forests, ruins, mountains, and caverns as you encounter new characters on your search for the Champion’s Coin.

battle a variety of monsters and epic bosses

Prepare for battle as you encounter a variety of monsters while exploring beyond the safe borders of the capital and the villages. Amongst them are formidable boss fights that will require skilled gameplay to combat their unique movesets and abilities.

loot, purchase and craft new equipment

Unearth a broad arsenal of melee, ranged, and magic weapons with their own stats and skills, as well as a plethora of armor sets allowing you to transform your character.

Master unique and powerful skills

Uncover powerful skills granted by rare pieces of equipment, and are found throughout the vibrant world of Grenmark. While worn, these rare pieces of equipment allow you to cast special magic spells, utilize new movement abilities, summon minions, and much more. It’s up to you to find, utilize, and master all the many skills available.